Our Services

Tailored to meet your needs

Grow your business to its full potential. Eborne offers an array of services to meet your needs. Mobile apps, web services, database administration, extensions, and more. Your technology investments promise to add value. We deliver on that promise.

Software Development

Web Apps

Web apps are a great way of getting your product into your customer's hands wherever they may be. But do your current web apps support mobile devices? Do they look and function consistently across browsers? Are they reliable, performant, and scalable? Web app development has come a long way, and we use the latest technologies like Angular, Ember, Bootstrap, jQuery, and Sass. We can support any hosting environment - locally, at a co-location, or in the cloud.

Native Apps

Although web apps are great, native apps often offer greater functionality than can be had in the browser. Mobile apps on iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile devices will give your customers the best possible mobile experience.

While many are ready for a mobile first world, the desktop is still king of productivity. We have extensive experience in building feature-rich desktop apps for both Windows and Mac.

Web Services

They say no man is an island. Well, neither is an app. Eborne develops web services, APIs, data translation, and persistence to power your apps in .NET, PHP, or nodeJS stacks.

Our Process

All projects kick off with a discovery phase. We learn about your business, gather requirements and establish the roadmap we'll follow.

We use Agile methodology which concurrently advances discovery, design, and implementation to deliver your software on time and on budget. Of course, you may have your own methodology in place, and we're happy to accommodate.

When feasible, we prefer to use continuous delivery, so that the results of our work are instantly visible to you. In continuous delivery, small parts of your project are released as soon as they are completed, rather than waiting for arbitrary release dates. When this isn't desired, we'll establish a staging area where you can easily view progress and decide when it's time to release. In either case, we get feedback on our work, and you get feedback from your customers as quickly as possible.

All source code is stored in a source control system - usually Git, but we also work with TFS, Perforce, SVN, and others - and is accessible to you throughout the project. Upon project completion, the source is transferred to you.

We're happy to use your issue tracking software or set one up for you. We use Visual Studio Online, but are equally comfortable with JIRA, TFS, FogBugz and others.

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Cloud Services

Productivity Suites

Many businesses find themselves moving from on-premesis, perpetually licensed software to subscription based services in the cloud. While this generally means a reduction in cost and/or complexity for your business, these cloud services still have administrative overhead which can be overwhelming for those with little or no IT staff. Relieve that burden by outsourcing your Office 365 or Google Apps administration to Eborne. Considering a migration to Google Apps or Office 365? Call us!

Infrastructure as a Service

There are many options today to reduce or eliminate your reliance on legacy, on-premesis infrastructure. Eborne can help plan, implement, and administer your AWS, Azure, or Docker deployments, large or small.

Platform as a Service

AWS and Azure also offer great development platforms to build web apps, services, APIs, and more. These are always options when discussing your custom development needs.

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Enterprise Support

Line of Business Apps

There are many products your business can't live without, and oftentimes supporting them can seem overwhelming. Our experience covers the full Microsoft collaboration stack - Exchange, Sharepoint, Skype for Business (Lync), etc. - in both on-premisis and cloud scenarios.

Integrations and Custom Extensions

Make the most of your investments by integrating with external services or other on-prem applications. Especially when there's no out-of-the box support for the integrations you need, we can help.

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